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In all of the advertising blogs I subscribe to, I see a lot of weird commercials. Sure, many of them are foreign and are good for a laugh that the FCC would never allow to run here. The bloggers that post them never have any sales data, it’s just entertainment for us crazy ad people – but I do wonder how these off-the-wall concepts move products. So, I’m wondering what a good old homegrown campaign for Quiznos is going to do because this is one of the strangest series of spots I’ve seen. Today, AdRants’ Steve Hall dropped this on us:

“Living up to the product tagline, ‘If this were an ordinary sub, you’d eat it in an ordinary way’, Quiznos is out with a seriously whacked commercial in which people go about eating the chain’s new Chicken Bacon Dipper sandwich in very, very strange ways.

Topping the scales of weird is the dude in this commercial called The Hair Raiser. Seriously. Someone’s on drugs here. A lot of drugs.”

I have to agree with Steve. The one reason to opt for a Quiznos over Subway is the image of the yummy sandwich going through the oven with the bubbling cheese. There is nothing remotely appetizing about these four spots. The weakest by far is the Russian gym coach – if you saw that one without the rest of the campaign you’d probably miss that it’s a Quiznos sandwich at all. Considering the fast food industry alone spent $4.2 billion on marketing in 2010, Quiznos needs to go back to their niche and identify the key differentiators that made them a formidable competitor.

See all four spots here:

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