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This is my first shot at a blog entry for our Agency…hope you enjoy!

In today’s business climate, it is well known that you cannot go far in the online community without utilizing the appropriate tools for your marketing strategy. That being said, Google has emerged as the king of the tool shed, with programs like AdWords and Analytics geared towards optimizing your brand’s presence online.

As a marketer, these programs are absolutely fantastic. The information available to me is unbelievable. To give a simple example, I can see how many people from Grand Rapids have accessed our website (, which browser they were using, how long they spent on the site, which pages they viewed, which site they came from, if it was their first time visiting the site or not, as well as pull all of the usual demographic suspects (age, sex, income) etc. It is truly, any marketer’s dream. However while I was coming up with this example, I stopped for a second and shifted gears into consumer mode asking myself, ”how much information does Google give out about me?”

So I developed a little experiment. I wanted to see how well I could profile myself as a consumer using both Google Analytics and Quantcast (another awesome website analytics software). First step: access our website from home. I logged on five times to the site, each time erasing my entire browser history. Then, I began to dig. I created a Custom Report in Analytics for the day I had accessed the site. My reporting tree was as follows: All visits, broken down by the hour of the day, then by city, medium (how visitors found the website), operating system (I use a MAC at home), and browser (I used Firefox to access the site).

Total visits: 6.

I also ran a Quantcast report for the same day, singling out males between the ages of 18 and 24, Caucasian, with no kids, an income of $25,000 or less (no comments please), and a Bachelors degree.

Total visits: 6.

There I was, naked as the day I was born. All five visits showed up along with one other person…most likely our graphic designer. Scary how I can tell, isn’t it?

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