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This is a real commercial. For a real product. According to Business Insider, there are two spots for Little Baby’s Ice Cream and the spots star what Philebrity describes as “the incomparable Malcolm, an asexual, genderless, non-human (but human-esque) being that formed from a failed batch of Duck Sauce Vanilla ice cream.” HUH?

Appropriately, Little Baby’s Ice Cream went into business on May 21, 2011—which many religious fanatics dubbed Judgement Day, or the last day on earth. The ice cream, sold by a fleet of tricycle driving vendors, comes in bizarre flavors ranging from Earl Grey Sriracha to Zayda’s Spicy Chinese Mustard.

Co-founder of Little Baby’s Pete Angevine told the Philadelphia Weekly, “I came to recognize that ice cream is a blank canvas and you can just let your imagination go wild.” Apparently there must be something else in the ice cream as I can’t imagine the creative concepting session that led to this insane and frightening spot. Watch it here if you dare and see if you don’t think about this the next time you have a nice scoop of Hudsonville Mint Chocolate Chip.

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