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I’ve seen some marketing pranks ranging from edgy to harmless to humorous. This stunt from Nivea takes the cake, though – literally the deodorant cake. The German company pushes past what most would consider acceptable limits. While travelers await flights in terminals, actors secretly take photos and generate fake TV reports and newspaper stories. These reports and stories then appear everywhere around the unsuspecting traveler, describing them as a “wanted suspect” who is “armed and dangerous.” In addition, loudspeaker announcement are made within the terminal. While it seems that most of the “pranked” seem to be good sports and take it in stride, I can only wonder what would have happened if the Nivea creative team would have done if they had actually isolated a real wanted suspect? I guarantee no one would be worrying about whether their deodorant was working or not.

Watch the video and decide for yourself. Whether or not you agree this is a little over the top, consider that this stunt has gotten over 4 million views since February 12. I guess Nivea won’t be sweating any negative PR this time around.

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