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Recently CNN had a report about what people consider luxury versus necessity with often surprising answers – high speed Internet is considered a necessity but a dishwasher is a luxury product. In analyzing three weeks of May lead reports for a client we posed this question to ourselves about some of their products and services against one of my favorite books about why people buy – “Rapid Response Advertising” by Geoff Ayling. Here are just a few reasons to try on yourselves:

• To make more money (Had to use that one on the CPA to justify the sweet new iMacs.)

• To look younger (Just look at all those skin creams that cost as much as a dishwasher!)

• To be trendy (Who knew a cross between a plastic spatula and a gardening shoe would be such a hit?)

• To escape or avoid pain (Reason #16 why bars should never go out of business.)

• To feel safe (Hey, who wouldn’t feel safer driving around in a Hummer?)

• To satisfy an impulse (How else do the blinking rosebud manufacturers stay in business?)

• To become more fit and healthy (Is this why the ab machine, dumbbells, giant rubber bands and deflated exercise ball are still under the bed?)

• To protect their reputation (3 initials: B-M-W)

• To escape stress (Where can I buy some more?)

• To buy friendship (So I guess it IS for sale.)

There isn’t really one industry that can capitalize on all of the 51 reasons people buy, but if we can define and apply just a few, it makes winning over customers’ hearts and wallets just a little easier.

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