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The first real memory I have of actualizing product placement was for Reese’s Pieces in ET, and this was some time before I had college professors discussing the merits or pitfalls of the tactic. One of my favorite articles about product placement is by Erwin Ephron – he talks about the fact it is not scalable and works only for established brand names that are well identified. Lesser-known brands are “dummy” brands to the viewer. My favorite is his discussion of the paradox of product placement. If you notice, it’s bad. But if you don’t notice, it’s worthless. Such a narrow line that either the viewer or the advertiser feels betrayed.

How true, Erwin. When I had the time to watch day-time drama, I would have probably thrown something at the small black and white, rabbit-eared television in the dorm room if I had seen this. Please – who is the General Mils Product Manager that signed off on this hurl-worthy (double pun intended) mess of product placement?? Kraft, I think it’s time to step up your game.

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