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I’ll admit it – I went into the Pinterest thing kicking and screaming upon its launch. ‘Not another social vehicle I have to participate in’, was my original thought for the Sherri Sharp side of me. But for the Sharp Marketing, Grand Rapids ad agency, side of me, I knew I had to embrace it in order to have a non-biased outlook for consulting our clients on their social media strategies. While it’s more of a guilty pleasure for me (I even made yard ghosts this Halloween from a post), it’s become a valuable social tool for a number of our clients. So, I’m excited to see this data from Marketing Charts on the Pinterest sharing trend.

While Facebook remains easily the leading channel for sharing content online, says ShareThis in a new report, but sharing via Pinterest is growing quickly this year and is almost on par with email as the third-largest channel. During September, Facebook accounted for a leading 57.3% of shares from websites that have the ShareThis tool embedded, significantly expanding its leading share from 42.4% a couple of months earlier in July. Twitter was the second-largest channel, with 19.3% of shares in September, followed by email (5.1%) and Pinterest (4.9%). LinkedIn closed out the top 5 sharing channels, with 2.1% of shares in September.

The ShareThis data is a useful indicator of sharing trends: the study says its analysis is based on sharing behavior across more than 120 social channels, reaching 95% of the US online population on desktop and mobile devices. Indeed, comScore recently reported that ShareThis boasted 85.6% reach among online Americans in September (desktop-only).

Meanwhile, the study shows that while the amount of sharing taking place via Facebook (+31.9%) and Twitter (+26.5%) has grown rapidly so far this year (from January through September), Pinterest and LinkedIn have been the fastest-growing channels. For the year-to-date, the amount of content shared via Pinterest has grown by 59%, while content sharing via LinkedIn is up by 44.1%. By contrast, the amount of sharing occurring via email has actually decreased slightly – by 3.3% – over the course of this year.

Those trends largely apply to Q3, too. The amount of content sharing occurring via Pinterest (19.2%) and LinkedIn (15.1%) rose most rapidly during the quarter, slightly ahead of Facebook (+14.7%). Interestingly, though, content sharing via Twitter decreased by 7.6% during the quarter. The strong growth of Pinterest and LinkedIn is reflected in their respective shares of the sharing market (excuse the pun). Pinterest’s 4.9% of shares in September was a significant boost from 3.4% in July, while LinkedIn’s 2.1% share in September was 40% higher than its 1.5% share in July.

Recent data from Shareaholic indicates that Pinterest’s stature is growing as a social referrer of website traffic. While that report showed Facebook easily the top social traffic referrer, it also demonstrated that Pinterest now drives more traffic to websites than Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and others – combined.

Pinterest isn’t for everybody, but before you write it off in your social media strategy, talk to us about some success stories. In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite pins on my Marketing and Advertising board.


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