Nervous About Flying? Oh, Nivea’s Got You Covered.

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I’ve seen some marketing pranks ranging from edgy to harmless to humorous. This stunt from Nivea takes the cake, though – literally the deodorant cake. The German company pushes past what most would consider acceptable limits. While travelers await flights in terminals, actors secretly take photos and generate fake TV reports and newspaper stories. These… Read more »

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year, Right Parents?

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Summer has been my favorite season my whole life. Even in my 40 somethings when I see the first back-to-school commercial I cringe. So in honor of the new school season Bachelor Degree Online has posted 10 of their favorite back-to-school commercials. See the whole list here: My personal favorite is the Alice Cooper… Read more »

For the Love of Cherry Garcia, How Does This Spot Make Anyone Want to Eat Ice Cream Ever Again?

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This is a real commercial. For a real product. According to Business Insider, there are two spots for Little Baby’s Ice Cream and the spots star what Philebrity describes as “the incomparable Malcolm, an asexual, genderless, non-human (but human-esque) being that formed from a failed batch of Duck Sauce Vanilla ice cream.” HUH? Appropriately, Little… Read more »