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Sure, I love Mad Men and if we had the staff the size of Sterling Cooper this might have been fun for Halloween. But, Denver-based agency Cultivator Advertising and Design Creative Director Monte Mead REALLY longs for the “glory” days of advertising. This is not a propped photoshoot – Cultivator’s Christmas card was actually shot in his home. Merry Time Capsule everyone!


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A new study by the Marketing to Moms Coalition—a not-for-profit group that seeks to share insights about moms to help marketers better engage with them—shows just how much American moms are sacrificing so their families can stay afloat during the downturn. The survey results reveal that “mothers are sacrificing purchases for their own use in order to ensure their families get what they need,” according to a report at the Brandeo blog. A couple of examples, as cited in the blog:

• 72% of survey respondents lowered the quality of new clothes they buy.

• 51% cut back on health-and-beauty product quality.

“Yet the majority of mothers say they are not scrimping on the quality of their children’s food, medical needs and clothing,” the post notes.

The annual State of the American Mom Report is a nationally representative sample of moms with kids under 18 living in the home. Among its other findings:

• 78% of moms have cut back on household spending this year.

• More than half of all moms are making special trips to retailers that offer the best price.

• 61% are focused more on the environment this year.

• 39% are on Facebook, while 11% are on Twitter.

• Most moms plan to spend more than $600 on holiday gifts this year.

What does that mean for advertisers targeting moms this holiday season? Try stressing the quality of the products you offer for their family members and the value of products they may grab for themselves.

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We’ve all seen the ads on late night cable featuring Matthew Lesko, AKA question mark suit dude. I even found one of his books in my husband’s moving boxes. He’s up there as one of those infomercial/make money scammer types that really grind a nerve that he makes so much money by being annoying. Well, now he’s sticking it to the ad biz, which makes him more annoying to me. Lesko has literally spent millions on TV advertising and has used several ad agencies to help with his campaigns. To promote his latest gimmick, he’s shifting his ad budget to be able to give away money to the people. He promises to pay five dollars to anyone who visits and joins “My America Benefits Plan”. Of course, to get the five dollars, a person has to sign up for the program, pay one dollar and then receive five dollars back. It’s a win-win for him – he makes more money and he gets access to your personal data. Sure, I’d like an extra five dollars, but is permitting him to now be able to literally in my face on my computer screen worth it?

We’ll see how long his internet strategy lasts – at least with traditional cable buys, he’s pumping money into the industry and we can all pick up our remotes.