Who Are We?

We are Sharp: a team of hands-on, experienced marketing, media and communications leaders. Strategy-focused, idea driven, ready to deliver. A compact, powerful resource for 100% marketing, sales and advertising smarts per dollar. We put a competitive edge on business strategy and customer engagement. We help clients merge market realities and creative business thinking to market entry, product or services launch and on-going business efforts.

What We Do.

We provide results: our one and only goal is to be an effective, results and revenue generating resource for our clients. Although our services vary depending on your needs, they fall into three general categories:

  • Marketing and Communications Consulting
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Internet Advertising

Marketing and Communications Consulting

If your idea of marketing strategy means sending a direct mail piece here and there or a simple radio schedule to get you through tough sales times, we need to talk. A viable marketing strategy encompasses various elements that all need to work together in harmony to deliver results. We get that. Whether you are looking to start from scratch with a new marketing strategy or brand identity, have a new product to launch or just looking to amplify your current marketing initiatives, we are Sharp and are here to help you.

Media Planning and Buying

Which is better: cable or network TV? What shows should I be on? How long does an effective radio campaign need to be? How many billboards should I run at one time? What is the best way to measure the response? There are no “right” answers to any of these questions. The key to a successful media campaign is in understanding a client’s specific needs, goals and budgets, and creating a customized approach to help meet those goals.

We will guide you through the complex, often daunting, process of media planning and buying. We know how to spend valuable marketing dollars wisely by:

  • Precisely pinpointing your ideal customer, including the media outlets they favor and frequent.
  • Researching and analyzing your competition – where are they advertising and what outlets have they overlooked?
  • Negotiating the best deals for you, guaranteeing a prime rate for your media buy.
  • Securing additional added-value campaigns to compliment your buy.
  • Submitting co-op forms and affidavits for reimbursement.

Our ad campaigns drive interested customers/clients directly to your company, enabling you to concentrate on building your sales. By leveraging our strategic advertising campaigns, you can cut your prospecting time down while saving 15-20% on your marketing expenditures. By sharing our resources and benefiting from the bulk savings from a proven and successful ad campaign, we drive your ROI up and cost per lead down!

Internet Marketing

Most companies today have a website or may send out the occasional email blast, but many have no idea how to rate the success of their online marketing efforts. We see campaigns and programs that are ineffective at reaching the designated target market and deliver a very low return on the time and money investment. That’s why we developed Actionable Insight™, a user-friendly set of internet marketing tools that generate real and measurable results through:

  • Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Robust Analytics Software
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)