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To continue the centennial celebration of Ogilvy & Mather founder David Ogilvy, the agency launches a new iPhone app that invites the public to pitch their “big ideas” to the ad man “himself”. I find myself having a bit of a problem with this app. First of all, Ogilvy is one of my favorite advertising icons, “Confessions of an Advertising Man” is still a must-read today and this cartoony-creepy version of him seems a bit disrespectful to me. Second, what is the agency’s motivation in creating this app? They could have done so much more to honor the man that ad students will still be studying 100 years from now – is this a smarmy ploy to get fresh new ideas on the cheap? What happens if Dead David likes my idea? Do I get a plane ticket to come visit the agency and pitch my idea in person? Do I get compensated if the agency decides to use it or pitch it to one of their clients? I haven’t found the answer yet. Maybe I’ll download the app and ask David himself.

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